‘Hon’ble CM is in 100% Breach of Her Duties Under Article 167 of the Constitution’, Says West Bengal Governor : Political News


‘Hon’ble CM is in 100% Breach of Her Duties Under Article 167 of the Constitution’, Says West Bengal Governor : Rashtra News

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The standoff between the ruling TMC leaders and Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar turned bitter after the ruling party MP Saugata Roy on December 29 alleged that the latter has been sending him messages against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee every day.

Responding to Roy through an official letter on Thursday, Governor Dhankhar in a point-to-point rebuttal clarified all the allegations made by Roy and also shared screenshots of his conversation with the TMC MP on Twitter.

“Dear Professor Sougata Roy ji, Extensive coverage in mainstream media—print and visual as also in social media (without securing version at this end)—of your assertion – “Governor sending me text against Mamata Banerjee every day” and that the same is ‘unethical’ has made response compulsively imperative at this end to set records straight in the public domain, as your stance could not have been more far distanced from the fact situation and propriety. Such severe indictment of the Constitutional head by one in your elated position and in this manner, in such a collapsible factually untenable situation, has no parallel (sic),” Governor’s letter to TMC MP Saugata Roy reads.

“First communication to yourself on May 16, 2021, indicated thus: – ‘It has been noticed that over a long period, in a serialized manner, severe, and on many occasions scathing criticism of my role and actions as Governor has emanated from your side. Such adversarial stance, while positioning on behalf of the ruling party in the State, an experienced Parliamentarian like you will appreciate, does not serve wholesome public interest, particularly in the absence of any response to my endeavors to connect with you, or other senior functionaries in the party. Dialogue is the essence of democracy. I would greatly appreciate that you spare time for an interaction at Raj Bhawan at your convenience. This will afford an opportunity to both of us to act in togetherness in public interest.’ This was acknowledged at your end the same day (sic),” the excerpts his letter reads.

Accusing the State government of not paying importance to his letters, the Governor said, “After a gap of seven months, on December 19, 2021, I noticed your following widely reported media reaction: – ‘Governor may keep writing letters but the State government is answerable to the legislative assembly, not to the one holding gubernatorial post. It is up to the State Government whether it will reply to him or not. But he seems to be in the habit of tweeting to trigger controversy and enter into confrontation with the government.”

While claiming that State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is in 100% breach of her ‘duties’ under Article 167, Governor Dhankhar further wrote, “Your stance being incongruous to the Constitution, I deemed it apt to render only personal reaction, given your stature.

On December 27, 2021, in view of your public indictment, that was contrary to facts, that Governor is lying, obviously deeply hurt, again rendered only a personal reaction…. On December 28, 2021, thus far our last exchange, after quoting Article 167 of the Constitution I indicated – “Hon’ble CM is in 100% breach of her “duties’ under Article 167 of the Constitution. Information yet to be made available in a single case. Can we take governance ‘in accord with the constitution’. Withholding information is reprieve and respite to law violators as also those who amassed wealth at the expense of the public. Am obligated to ensure that law takes care of such transgressions.”Dhankar’s three-page letter to TMC MP came after Roy alleged that he received messages from the Governor against Mamata Banerjee.

“It is unethical for the Governor to engage in such activities. I think someone is instigating him to make such comments against Mamata Banerjee. He is not keeping the respect of his chair,” Roy had said.

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