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Do you want to be recognized as a subject matter expert in a niche area? or are you searching for…..
How to become a newspaper writer in India ?
How to become a news writer in India ?
How to become a columnist in India ?
How to become a news website author in India ?
How to become a news editor in India ?
Then could be a great place to start while you serve in your current position. This is the best way to write news articles and earn money in India.

Rashtra News provides you another way to write articles and make money in India. In this you write, and your writing gets published in your name. It’s a great way to learn, and a Google search of your name may throw up a dozen of results.

Who can join Rashtra News?

We welcome fresher’s and experienced columnists, reporters, news writers and article author in the Rashtra News family.
We are open for all who want to write about the real news and genuine issues around the world.

As of now you can join Rashtra News as a columnist, field reporter, creative writer, article author and online news editor in India. And you can also write and edit from your home location, work will be accepted through the internet..

How to join us:- To join us as a correspondent from any part of India or as Volunteer Journalist from anywhere in rest of South Asia submit your first story along with your brief profile and a recent Snap and a copy of your valid ID proof. As soon as we receive your brief profile along with your recent snap and a copy of your ID proof, you will be added to list of correspondents/author/columnist and volunteer net journalists.  To publish a story or not would not be a compulsion on us as the decision of our editing team will be final.

What qualifications do you need to become a Rashtra News Writer?
Educational qualifications for a news writer vary, but we prefer a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or a related field. We also prefer relevant experience, which you gain through an internship or volunteer position, such as at a college newspaper and media organization.

What is the work of a Rashtra News Author/Writer & Columnist?
We as Rashtra News, Provide complete freedom and fairness to choose a news topic and storyline of all our columnist, author and editor. but we expect fairness and unbiased coverage from them.

We also expect from all our columnists, author and editor of our newspaper & Website, they will be devoted to comment and write on some aspect of the contemporary scene.

How much can we pay for each article?

  • One time earning from 1 article:
  • For Newbie Author/Editor/Writer & Columnist: Rs.100-500/- Per article
  • For Experienced Author/Editor/Writer & Columnist: Rs.500-5,000/-Per article

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