Woosh Biz by HTI Launched in India with a Super Fun and Learning Day


Woosh Biz by HTI – a JV between Woosh Biz, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and HTI (India) Pvt. Ltd. – was launched in India on June 7, 2022, with a super fun and learning day!


Inauguration of Woosh Biz by HTI in India


A day-long Team Building & Bonding session was held for Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Academicians, HR Seniors and Hospitality Professionals at Upper Deck Resort in Lonavala.


Inauguration of Woosh Biz by HTI in India


Participants were broken into teams and put through weird, wild, and wacky games (simulations). This is the Woosh Biz way of getting teams to ‘perform’ better, faster. The games recreated the corporate work environment, demanding strategic thinking and creative problem-solving skills from participants – all in a competitive environment.


Inauguration of Woosh Biz by HTI in India


Thanks to Woosh Biz by HTI’s mantra: “No Gyaan, Just Fun With Learning”, participants experienced first-hand how teams and individuals respond to failure and success, how strategy is king, how practical systems lead to success, how they can quickly move to the ‘performing stage’ and stay there. In the end, it was not the strongest team or the smartest team that won, but the one that was most adaptive and resilient. The one with the highest Emotional Quotient.


About Woosh Biz by HTI

Woosh Biz, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and HTI (India) Pvt. Ltd. have joined forces by pitching in their respective strengths to bring the quirkiest games to your office or a resort of your choice.


On-the-job Corporate lessons are painful and, in a classroom, boring. Woosh Biz by HTI is changing the game with – “No gyaan; just fun with learning!” Officially, let your inner child come out and play, laugh and enjoy. With that comes our childlike curiosity and ability to absorb learning. We will teach you to actively apply and retain the lessons that business management colleges teach in classrooms.


Woosh Biz games are scientifically designed to stimulate subconscious learning. Participants learn the value of clear communication, team work, coordination, diversity, inclusion, collaboration and the absolute need to have fun even as we work. Work hard – play harder!


Said Dominic CostaBir, Director, “When I started Hospitality Training Institute India Pvt. Ltd. (HTI), we decided to make our sessions engaging and fun. We experimented with games that simulated life. Taking complex management lessons, corporate gyaan and skill-oriented tasks, we wove a game into them. The result? Gamified Training. The outcome was amazing! We realised everyone responded to this learning methodology. It was universal. Now, with Woosh Biz, the aim is to bring out that child-like innocence, curiosity and mischievous streak; awakening the doors to learning. No gyaan; just play games and learn – like you did as a child.”


Abdullah Munajem, Director, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a third-generation businessman from the famed Munajem conglomerate. He set up Woosh in 2018, a place for families to have fun! Families had fun, but corporate honchos too lined up. Toddlers (real kids) were being jostled by overgrown kids from corporate, so he quickly set up Woosh Biz. Today, Woosh Biz, Saudi Arabia, is growing phenomenally and has expanded its footprint in India too.


Some of the clients of Woosh Biz, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and HTI (India) Pvt. Ltd. are KPMG, Saudi Aramco, Biban, Jahez, Bae Systems, Itochu Parekh, Azure Hospitality and Anjuman-I-Islam College among numerous other companies.


Adds Dominic, “Talk to us. Let us curate a program to bind and energize your team. We have special rates for NGOs looking to gift their beneficiaries a chance to play, laugh and enjoy while they learn!”


Note for Editor: Team Building Programs/Activities help Teams understand each other, know their strengths and weaknesses, and play not to win individual fame or fortune, but team glory! This helps a company progress. Earlier, people worked in organisations for decades. Today, people join and leave organisations literally every 18 months. Also, there is a trend of putting together tactical teams of specialists (from different fields) for high value and critical projects. These highly knowledgeable and talented personnel have to quickly band together and deliver. So, all organisations – large or small – can benefit from Woosh Biz’s Specialised Team Building Programs.