“When We Talk About Self-Reliant India, We are Thinking of Further Opening the Doors, Not Closing Them,” says Minister Piyush Goyal at India Global Forum


“We want to negotiate trade with countries which believe in reciprocity, follow a rules-based approach and believe in transparency. We will engage with the world, but as an equal.” – Hon. Piyush Goyal

The Interaction was held in New Delhi and witnessed the presence of prominent business leaders

Stating that India continues to move forward in forging partnerships and trade relations, Hon. Piyush Goyal talked about India’s growth in global trade and partnerships built on the 3 elements-sensitivity, trust and a strong bond between the negotiating entities.

Hon. Piyush Goyal at the Investors Interaction and the Opening Session of India Global Forum Annual Summit 2023

Speaking at an exclusive Investor Interaction graciously presided by him ahead of the India Global Forum (IGF) ’s Annual Summit 2023, Hon. Piyush Goyal said, “India recognises that when we talk of self-reliant India (Atmanirbhar Bharat), we are not thinking of closing the doors, in fact opening it further wide. There is a reason that the whole world wants to talk to us, and we are talking to them. Every country has certain competitive advantages; similarly, wherever, we see we have an edge, we cannot have sub-optimal products populating our markets. We want quality products. I am confident, in the years to come, Indian industries will be able to get the ‘mojo’ back in the manufacturing space. We want to negotiate trade with countries which believe in reciprocity, follow a rules-based approach and believe in transparency. We will engage with the world, but as an equal.”


During his address, the minister spoke about how it is India’s turn to drive growth, set the pace and emerge as a bright spot in an increasingly turbulent world.


Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Manoj Ladwa, Founder and Chairman of India Global Forum said, “I have been impressed at India’s growth in global trade and its focus on creating win-win partnerships while it is leveraging its strengths in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, information technology, and renewable energy. Minister Piyush Goyal has aptly reaffirmed the same. India Global Forum has always led the agenda by highlighting and amplifying India’s globalisation story – as we head into the IGF’s Annual Summit, we will look at how we can collaboratively propel India’s journey to the top and centre of the global stage.”


This year’s IGF Annual Summit will be held on March 27 in New Delhi and has a unique 3-in-1 format featuring IGF Zones, The Forum and the IGF Studio. While the IGF Zones will provide 35+ innovative concurrent roundtables on pertinent topics and issues, the Forum will include plenary sessions with leading personalities from government and business. The IGF Studio will broadcast content across key global topics including leadership, geopolitics, climate, technology and much more.


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