When did I ever hide anything about my life? Anushka Sharma on Virat Kohli


Anushka Sharma hasn’t followed the rule book of Bollywood. The actor is six-years-old in the industry, but has done only seven films so far. Four ­others are yet to release. She hasn’t perfected the art of PR either. She doesn’t believe in networking or socialising.

The only time she goes on social media is when she wants to take ownership of a ‘cosmetic’ decision that “didn’t go so right”. She doesn’t waste reams of newsprint ­eulogising her love for alleged boyfriend, cricketer Virat Kohli. Yet, is bold enough to face the cameras as she cheers for him from the stands. But everything she does, or doesn’t do, makes news.

We wonder what makes this seemingly casual 26-year-old so controversial?

“Even I don’t understand it. In fact, all the things that I don’t do get talked about more than I can ever imagine. It’s so strange,” she says.

Come on! Are you saying every time there is a controversy, it is born out of thin air?

No. Of course, a lot of times things are reported because they have happened. But a lot of times they are reported out of nowhere. Then, even I start thinking if anything really happened while I was sleeping!

So what happened and what didn’t?

Like, have I ever gone to see a cricket match? Of course, I have. So, that’s true. But that I’ve gotten engaged, decided to move out of home to live with somebody? No. Absolute rubbish. And the problem is that all this is reported and confirmed with such authority that even my own family starts to wonder. When reports of my engagement came out, my grandmother, who lives in Dehradun, called my dad to ask how he could get me engaged without informing her. It took all of us a lot to convince her that it wasn’t true.

So an engagement may not have happened, but isn’t it time you ­acknowledged your ­relationship with Virat Kohli?

But when did I ever hide anything? I lead my life very openly. I have never denied or hidden anything. It’s just that I don’t like to talk about my private life. I can’t shout from the roof top. It’s out there for people to see. They can see, think, say and insinuate anything. But I’ll not comment on it. I also feel that if I talk about my relationship, its sanctity goes away. My relationships, be it with my parents, ­brother, friends or partner, are very pure. I don’t want that to go away.

Maybe, if you talk, others won’t.

No, they wouldn’t stop. Also, if I talk, then I’ll be liable to answer all sorts of questions. Because if I have come out and spoken once, then I’ll be expected to keep talking. I feel, the minute we talk about our private lives, all the focus just shifts there. Then I’ll also have to answer questions like ‘aap Valentine day pe kya karne wale hain? Aapne Birthday pe kya gift diya?’ I can’t do that. That said, I will never disrespect my relationship by shying away from it. Like I said, it’s all in the open. When I go out for dinner or to watch a match, everyone can see it. But if people still need a ­verbal confirmation, I am not giving it. I am not going to have conversations on my personal life. And why do I even need to? My personal life can’t be made into a circus. But really, how much louder can I get