Univariety Launches the New Face of its Alumni Guidance System


Univariety (www.univariety.com), India’s largest career guidance and alumni management platform launches its Alumni Impact Program, a brand-new face of its Alumni Guidance System. This first-of-a-kind program is dedicated to Alumni Management, Engagement, and Networking. The system is fashioned not only to connect the alumni back with their school, batchmates, seniors, juniors, and teachers, but also to provide learning and upskilling opportunities for them.

Mr. Jaideep Gupta – Founder and CEO of Univariety


While colleges are well known for engaging with their alumni, the same cannot be said for most schools. Most schools (barring a few) don’t even keep track of the students who graduate every year. Univariety’s Alumni Impact Program aims to bring schools back into the fold. It allows schools to keep track of all the students who have graduated, their journeys, and their success stories. On the launch of this unique program, Jaideep Gupta – Founder & CEO of Univariety said, “Most alumni systems don’t work because institutions think from their own point of view. Our ‘Alumni Impact Program’ ensures that alumni of different age groups also get enough value and therefore contribute. Our program helps the schools to showcase the achievements of alumni and market themselves better.”


The word of alumni is extremely valuable for a school to boost its credibility and branding. By engaging with alumni, the schools will now also be able to leverage their expertise for various school programs and student guidance. Univariety has been working with some of India’s largest school groups like Ryan International School, Podar Educational Network, EuroKids, Billabong High International School, Heritage Xperiential Learning, Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, and more aiming toward creating a deeper alumni impact.


Univariety’s Alumni Impact Program also adds to the experience of alumni. Alumni can post and search for job and internship experiences, connect with other members from their career fields as well as match career interests. They also get access to many learning opportunities in the form of workshops, webinars, upskilling training, etc. They get additional support from their peers as well as from Univariety if they want to pursue higher education, in India and abroad. With the Alumni Impact Program, Univariety aims to connect the four pillars – Students, School, Alumni, and Universities; who are interdependent on each other’s success.

About Univariety

Univariety is India’s most Comprehensive, Collaborative & Responsive Alumni Management & Career Guidance Ecosystem. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Univariety is a part of Info Edge (India). Keeping students as the focal point, Univariety works with Educational Institutions to drive distinguished outcomes. Univariety enables the best guidance for Students through technology and optimum utilization of the school’s assets – its Alumni, to drive Student & School Success.