The INNER PATH: Aruna Vasudev the lady behind the festival

Netpac President Aruna Vasudev with Journalist Naveen Kumar

21st Nov,The INNER PATH Festival,the Alliance Francaise de Delhi.

Aruna Vasudev  is the founder-president of  NETPAC  (the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) and the founder-director of the Buddhist Film,art and philosophy  festival the “the INNER PATH’ . Talking to the media during an interview just before the inaugural ceremony at the festival she told that tough the Buddhist Film Festivals are now being held all over the world, from Mexico,London,San Francisco, to  Singapore , Hong Kong and Korea etc, the INNER PATH is a new concept to combine films with art and philosophy. Netpac started this festival in 2012 for first time. Since then its a third time it is being celebrated in Delhi.  She said “Now for the next time we(Netpac) are planing it in the Colombo,  Sri Lanka ” .  She added that she got the idea of  this kind of Festival while attending ‘ The International Conference on Buddhist Linkages in South and Southeast Asia’, at Delhi University in 2011.