RISE Organises Career Preparation Bootcamp to Enhance Employability of Learners


RISE, an innovative online Edu-Tech platform revolutionising higher education and professional certification, launches Career Preparation Bootcamp aimed at empowering learners and enhancing their employability. The bootcamp provides learners with 25 different sessions spread over 60 hours, focusing on imparting skills essential for career success. The bootcamp has been designed by the Career Services Team at RISE in collaboration with various seasoned industry experts to deliver a comprehensive practical, hands-on training to the learners.


RISE’s Career Preparation Bootcamp equips learners for success by offering specialised sessions on LinkedIn optimization, networking skills, and resume crafting. These sessions help learners maximise their online visibility and create standout resumes that catch the attention of potential employers. Each learner will receive various hour-long personalised coaching sessions with a Certified Career Coach. During these sessions, learners will receive tailored guidance on job search strategies that align with their profiles, work experience, and career aspirations. This individualised approach will empower learners with the necessary tools and support to attract potential employers and achieve their career goals.


Gaurv Bhatia, CEO at RISE, said, “At RISE, we believe in empowering students to become socially and culturally aware leaders of the world. Our Career Preparation Bootcamps are designed to bridge the gap between education and industry requirements, equipping learners with the skills needed to thrive in their chosen fields. By collaborating with industry experts and offering practical training sessions, we are confident that our learners will be well-prepared to impress potential employers and achieve their career goals.”


The bootcamp also focuses on providing learners with practical training for excelling in aptitude tests and cracking technical interviews. Through workshops, mock interviews, and group mentoring, learners gain hands-on experience to enhance their technical knowledge and improve their chances of progressing in the hiring process. By acquiring valuable skills from the bootcamp, learners will be well-prepared to crack interviews and thrive in their respective fields.


With a growing demand for skilled professionals in fields such as Data Science, Business Analytics, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, RISE is dedicated to equipping students with the necessary expertise to excel in these industries. The Career Preparation Bootcamp will be an ongoing parallel initiative of RISE that will be provided to all the batches of learners enrolled with the brand to offer them an edge over their peers.


About RISE

Founded in April 2021, RISE has been set up with a mission to encourage and empower students across cities, strata, and societies to be socially and culturally aware leaders of the world. The start-up offers Post Graduate Programs in Business Analytics, Data Science, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in collaboration with KPMG in India; Post Graduate Programs in FinTech, Finance and Accounting with Grant Thornton; Post Graduate Program in Marketing Research with Aeon Research, endorsed by MRSI, Post Graduate Program in Cybersecurity with Thrive DX SaaS, Certification in GST with BDO in India, and a Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing with Schbang Academy. RISE also offers courses in MBA in Healthcare Management and a Global MBA program in collaboration with SRH Mobile University, Germany. Besides, and more significantly, RISE also provides scholarships for women in technology. Each course is affordable and, crucially, is curated and taught by industry experts, thus increasing the chances of employability. RISE is also globally expanding and has set its footprints in the Indonesian market and has collaborated with Indonesian universities aiming to improve higher education outcomes by providing industry-driven, skill-based courses to cover the existing skill gaps.


Based out of Pune, with an office in Bengaluru as well, RISE is targeting a fourfold growth both in the number of courses and students in the current financial year.