Octa and Neeraj Chopra Draw Parallels between Athletes and Investors


In light of the recently announced three-year partnership with the Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra, Octa, a global educational platform focused on investments, decided to unveil the parallels between professional athletes and investors.


Neeraj Chopra Reuters Brian Snyder


Investing and professional sport appear to be two different worlds by definition. However, Octa found that there is something in common between them, at least in their approaches.


In sports, athletes need to practice a lot, perform analyses and have a clear goal. The same applies to investors aiming for success in the financial markets.


Practice is what makes all the difference between an amateur and a professional. Athletes train a lot before participating in major competitions, while investors should try their hand at live market trading using, for instance, a demo account with virtual funds.


Careful analysis is important for both athletes and investors. When learning to throw a javelin, Neeraj Chopra analysed the videos of Jan Zelezny, a former World and Olympic champion holding the world record in the event. Apart from analysing the performance of others, it is equally essential to evaluate one’s performance. Investors always go over past trades to see what could be improved in their strategy.


When a goal is clear, it’s easier to achieve. This is a foundation of an efficient investment strategy that investors need to follow in order to figure out when to exit the trade and make a profit. For athletes, setting a clear goal is a mental technique to increase the commitment toward achieving outstanding results.


‘We take great inspiration from brilliant performances of Neeraj Chopra, such as his recent comeback at Lausanne Diamond League on 26 August 2022. The first Indian to win the competition, Neeraj made an impressive throw of 89.08 metres, earning the name ‘Indian sensation’. Judging by this encouraging event alone, Neeraj Chopra is undoubtedly an athlete combining qualities both of an outstanding sportsman and investor,’ the Octa press office commented.


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