NorthSide Announces Venture Incubator and Brand Builder Programs to Scale Brands in India


As India is moving towards a USD 5T economy, building brands that drive consumption is a large opportunity with an estimated 5 lakh brands and 63M companies looking for expertise to scale up and compete effectively.


Traditionally, this space of brand-building services is occupied by specialised firms that offer a narrow scope of services, which makes brands hire many different firms to scale-up their brands. This is often an expensive exercise, which many new-age brands with a lean model are not able to afford.


NorthSide’s venture incubator program focuses on startup brands. A school for startups, the program helps nurture the idea into a viable business by providing insights generation, positioning development, creative asset development, and e-commerce scale-up, all under one roof. The program is already running successfully, has helped over 25 companies, including the likes of The Job Plus and Jackfruit365, develop propositions and scale-up revenue.


NorthSide, helped Jackfruit365, Green Jackfruit Flour – a product that helps control blood sugar, and winner of the “National Start-up award in 2021 in food processing” reach the top three bestseller food status on Amazon. With a fully integrated build-operate-transfer model, NorthSide helped position the brand and executed the communication and marketing plans that enabled the brand to scale up its offering on e-commerce and D2C channels.


Commenting on the partnership with NorthSide, Jackfruit365 founder, James Joseph said, “NorthSide helped us sharpen our brand proposition with a deep consumer insights research, which helped me to articulate our proposition in just 5 words to consumers and stakeholders. This helped us when we pitched for the National Startup Award. The marketing execution done by NorthSide helped us build our own D2C business and also become a bestseller in the large competitive food products category on Amazon. This is a great win for a start-up like ours. I would recommend the NorthSide venture incubator program to all startups.“


The Brand Builder program from NorthSide helps identify category drivers and position a brand in a competitive context.


NorthSide also conceptualised and designed The Job Plus, India’s first one-stop dedicated platform for the service-hospitality industry. The platform has redefined the industry by connecting employers, potential employees, and educational institutes creating a complete eco-system.


Natwar Nagar Founder of The Job Plus said, “The platform conceptualized and designed by NorthSide is the fastest-growing service-hospitality platform in the country. Within 50 days, we have been able to onboard over 400 hotels, 100 restaurants, 10 educational institutes, and over 900 potential candidates. This is a huge win for us and the industry, which had been adversely impacted by COVID in the last two years.”


“Traditionally, entrepreneurship in India has been focused on manufacturing and select services, but there is a large opportunity in scaling up consumer brands. We take immense pride in highlighting that we have been successful in positioning and scaling up brands like Jackfruit365 and TheJobPlus, using our expertise-led brand builder program that helps position brands in a competitive market and our build-operate-transfer venture incubator program that helps in scaling up innovation,” said Vidur Vyas, Founder, NorthSide.


About NorthSide

NorthSide is a brand accelerator and a venture incubator that helps brands start-up and scale-up in India by providing market intelligence, insights generation, positioning development, creative asset development, D2C, and e-commerce scale-up fully integrated under one roof.


Set up in 2017, NorthSide has helped businesses position & refresh their brand positioning, conceptualised & executed innovations, and incubated brands to reach their revenue and profit goals. In the last 4 years, two companies that have worked with NorthSide have won the National Start-up award, some have got funded with investment rounds and many have experienced revenue growth of up to 40X.


With over 20+ years of experience in scaling brands and launching successful innovations, the NorthSide team is a mix of entrepreneurs and former CXOs of large corporations, creative directors, and digital and e-commerce experts that work with software-based solutions. NorthSide follows an execution-oriented approach. Engagements involve formulating a strategy and end-to-end execution to deliver tangible results. Our clients span the consumer space in food and beverage, healthcare, consumer technology, hospitality, and personal care.


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