Motion Education Valuation Soared to Rs. 450 Crores, 2X Top-line Growth Jump in FY 22


Today, when Ed-tech start-ups are making noise everywhere only by raising funds, Kota-based Motion Education sets an example as a bootstrapped start-up that is profitable year on year, without any external funding. After 15 years of indomitable efforts, having tied up with more than 700 institutions, including schools, coaching centres and individual teachers, Motion Education has achieved over Rs. 80 crores revenue in the FY 2021-22, registering a 20% profit, thereby opening 55 study centres across India. After scripting the success of more than 2,50,000 students in cracking JEE and NEET exams since its inception, the company now plans to set up another 50 new study centres, targeting 25,000 admissions Pan-India in FY 23 and is also eyeing Dubai & Saudi Arabia to enhance its portfolio.


Mr. Nitin Vijay, Founder and MD, Motion Education with JEE, NEET Aspirants


Motion Education, Founder & MD, Mr. Nitin Vijay who has been making strides in Ed-Tech sector said, “Motion Education is now valued at Rs. 450 crores, a two-fold rise in its valuation on it’s top-line since the start of 2021. This makes Motion Education, one of the most valued privately-held Ed-Tech company in India.”


“Without raising funds, the company has been showing organic growth since inception. In last 2 years the company has shown 200% growth in classroom program and around 1000% for e-learning. Motion Education is the culmination of a desire to start an entrepreneurial venture in IIT-JEE, NEET coaching in Kota, the coaching hub for school test preparations in engineering & pre-medical streams. Edtech can do wonders for modern educational institutions. Be it the task of curtailing administrative costs, synchronization of various departments, or quantifiable measurement of various outcomes and results, AI and ML-enabled technologies do great help at all fronts,” adds Nitin.


Motion Education offers courses for students from Classes VI to XII on Olympiads, NTSE, JEE-Main, JEE-Advanced and NEET exams. Started with only four employees and 700 students, today it has more than 650 employees, 15000 students on board and boasts of around 55 physical coaching centers across India, including States like Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Gujarat.


Motion Education plans to open another 50 centers in the Hindi belt of north India in the current financial year bringing tally to 100 centres. UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Punjab are the top priority regions. In addition, the company is also looking to cater to South India and North-East India states. It will invest in technology and teachers’ training to increase academic quality. For the last couple of years, Motion Education is witnessing steep growth in admissions. From 10,000-plus in 2021 to 15,000-plus in 2022, there has been a growth of around 50 per cent in students’ strength. With new centres, the institution expects 25,000 admissions in FY 23.  


Nitin Vijay started Motion Education in December 2007 with a seed capital of Rs. One lakh, just six months after he finished his B.Tech around the age of 23-years. Born and brought up in Kota, Nitin Vijay received a degree in Engineering from IIT-BHU. He decided to set up his venture in Kota, Rajasthan, given its popularity and potential market for coaching institutes. His entrepreneurial journey took off with his first venture Kota Point in Varanasi, where he used to teach physics for IIT and PMT (Pre-medical Test) aspirants. Later, he moved out of Kota Point to fuel his dream of establishing Motion Education. Today he nurtures Indian talent by infusing quality knowledge and competitive skills among wannabe engineers, doctors, and scientists.


On Motion Education’s 15th Foundation Day and in response to high students’ inflow, Motion Education inaugurated a new building “Daksh” – specifically for NEET Division situated at Dadabari, Kota. Spread over 50, 000 sq. ft., the multi-storeyed building is well-equipped with all the modern facilities of quality infrastructure to impart efficacious educational solutions. The organisation is also excelling in the Ed-tech landscape with the launch of many customized courses backed by hybrid learning models. Excelling by investing in smart technologies beforehand, is now paying off.


In 2021, he came up with a very unique idea, MyBizKid. He felt that kids need a different approach to understand subjects of a much higher level. To fill this gap, he developed, MyBizKid, an online MBA program for kids of age group 8-16 years, which not only discovers hidden entrepreneurial qualities in children but also sharpens their knowledge and soft skills, required to ensure success in whatever field they ultimately choose.


“The COVID-19 crisis hit revenue of the industry. However, we swiftly adapted to the Ed-Tech and students enthusiastically welcome the change. Thereby we made up our revenue by increasing the number of students by around 50 per cent. Based on this trend, we are expecting the top line growth by Rs. 150 crores in the current fiscal with 20 per cent profit,” said Mr. Nitin Vijay, Founder & Managing Director of Motion Education.


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