Manav Rachna’s Alumni Book Utkrisht



‘Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing’, goes a famous saying.


The success and prestige of an educational institution are measured by the success of its graduates, as benchmarks in society, and by their professional victories.


Shri Kapil Dev at the launch of Utkrisht – “Icons of Manav Rachna”


To celebrate the success and offer a tribute for the unswerving love of their Alumni towards their Alma Mater, Manav Rachna launched a book Utkrisht – “Icons of Manav Rachna”, which features the inspiring stories and impressive victories of the top 25 Alumni.


Whether they are entrepreneurs, managers in successful companies, representatives of prestigious domestic and international institutions, lawyers, magistrates, and more, they are the members of a beautiful community made up of over 34,000 alumni of Manav Rachna Educational Institutions.


The book launch was held in the courteous presence of Shri Kapil Dev. The book Utkrisht – “Icons of Manav Rachna”, inscribes the 25 transformational stories of MR alumni. Shri Kapil Dev, as the Chief Guest of this momentous occasion unveiled the book in the company of Dr. Prashant Bhalla, President, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI); Dr. Amit Bhalla, VP – MREI; Dr. M.M. Kathuria, Trustee, MREI; Dr. Sanjay Srivastava, MD, MREI; Dr. NC Wadhwa, DG MREI; Dr. Gauri Bhasin, ED Marketing & Admissions and other senior dignitaries from Manav Rachna, students, teachers, and families of Manav Rachna alumni.


The book launch moment was filled with zeal and a spectrum of nostalgic emotions. With never-ending waves of enthusiasm, the auditorium echoed with the applause as Shri Kapil Dev and other dignitaries unveiled the book. This book speaks highly about the remarkable accomplishments of successful MR alumni along with highlighting the unprecedented challenges they faced and how they overcame those in the pursuit of their dreams – demonstrating endurance, purpose, and compassion.


It also attempts to transcribe alumni’s stories across various categories – Art and Glamour, Entrepreneur Magnets, Government and Administration, Industry Barons, Social Flag Bearers, and Sports.


While addressing the audience, Shri Kapil Dev shared how his passion transformed into a career and he gracefully walked through this beautiful journey. He spoke empathetically about his concept of pressure and how passion is at the hearts of all we do. His early experiences on and off the pitch, as well as his life tales, imparted the motivation that the generation needed. He said, “When a student completes his education, it’s an institution’s responsibility that he walks out with a character.”


Reminiscing the dream of Dr. O.P. Bhalla – the Founder Visionary, Dr. Amit Bhalla said, “Manav Rachna has its alumni imprints all across the globe and with this dream come true, I can proudly put it in words that every single student walking out from Manav Rachna is our face and the pillar of our continued success.” He also shared that with this magnificent book launch, Founder’s Day 2022 celebrations commenced with unmatched intensity.


With an extremely delightful gesture, Dr. Prashant Bhalla recalled the 25-year journey of Manav Rachna and how every single association of Manav Rachna has contributed to take this institution to towering status. He shared how the celebrations of the Silver Jubilee year have been unfolding, starting with the Education Leaders’ Summit to this grand Book Launch. Addressing the ‘Icons of Manav Rachna’, he shared how they are taking Manav Rachna to every corner of the world and making their Alma Mater proud.


Manav Rachna Educational Institutions is the brainchild of Dr. O.P. Bhalla, an educationist, and a philanthropist. Founded in 1997, MREI is a visible symbol of knowledge & experience providing high-quality education in various fields including Engineering, Management, Psychology, Economics, Computer Applications, Humanities, Education, Law, Interior Design, Commerce, Business Studies and many more.


The institutions have over 34,000+ alumni base, 500+ reputed MNCs & Indian Corporate patronizing MREI, 535+ Patents (filed/granted), 60+ global academic collaborations, and 80+ Alumni & In Campus start-ups, 7800 Research papers in International/National Journals and Conferences and students from more than 13 Countries.


Students get a chance to earn upto 100% Scholarship by appearing for the MRNAT exam which is scheduled for April 16, 2022.


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