HMS wants to End Indo-Pak Diplomacy, Welcomes strong stand of NaMo against Pak, Says its in India’s Interest


27 Nov. Delhi

Akhil Bharat Hindu MahaSabha National President Chandra Prakash Kaushik and  National Secretary  Munna Kumar Sharma issued a joint statement supporting the Indian prime minister’s position,in which he did not initiate the conversation with Pakistani Prime Minister. Interestingly, in Nepal SAARC summit Prime Minister Modi on the anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks, told that the terrorism is the greatest poison. While the attack on Mumbai by sea was told to be a wound that coukd never heal. Hanged terrorist Kasab was caught in this attack,while the Master Mind Hafez Saeed is still moving freely in Pakistan. Kaushik clearly warned the government of Pakistan that shotgun in one hand and flowers in the other hand, this  terrorism policy should be immediately abandon. Or else Pak will loose its identity on world map. Shri  Munna Kumar Sharma advocated that all ties with Pak should come to an end. The HMS national officials advised central government to be careful in  foreign policy. And they sought to solve problems on the domestic front.