FIITJEE Noida Students Dominate in JEE Advanced 2023 in Twin Cities of Noida & Greater Noida


Harshit Kansal, AIR – 16 a student of FIITJEE Noida Centre’s Two Year Classroom Program is FIITJEE Noida Centre Topper. 

Samarth Bhagyesh Patel, AIR-77, is a FIITJEE Noida Two Year School Classroom Program student. 

Aadi Govil, AIR – 112, a student of FIITJEE Noida Centre’s Udaya Two Year + Four Year Classroom Program


True to their basic DNA where winning has become a habit, FIITJEE is proud to announce the dominating Success of their Students in JEE Advanced 2023. FIITJEE congratulates all their successful students for their consistently excellent results and wishes them Success & Excellence in their new endeavours.


FIITJEE Students celebrating their outstanding performance in JEE Advanced results 2023


Harshit Kansal, FIITJEE Noida City Topper, has secured AIR – 16 in JEE Advanced 2023. He is a student of FIITJEE Noida Centre’s Two-Year Classroom Program. He is also a KVPY Fellow in Class XI & NTSE Scholar in class X. Other Top Rankers in Top 5000 Ranks from FIITJEE Noida Centre from Classroom Programs include: Siddharth Gupta (AIR-299), Ishaan Raina (AIR-466), Archie Mahajan (AIR-703), Lakshita Gupta (AIR-879)- NOIDA CITY GIRL Topper, Aakash Gupta (AIR-970),Yash S Choudhary (AIR-1107),Rakshit Singhal (AIR-2369),Samanyu Arora (AIR-2370),Meher Narula (AIR-2753), Sneha Khandpal (AIR-2850), Ahan Sambhar (AIR-2952), Tanisha Dixit (AIR-3004), Advait Verma (AIR-3010), Priyanshu Chamoli (AIR-3025), Shobhit Raj (AIR-3098), Ujjwal Kalra (AIR-3126), Nithish Ravi Kumar (AIR-3282), Ansh Singh (AIR-3351), Aaditya Soumil (AIR-3360), Yashwi Agarwal (AIR-3564), Bibek Singh Dhody (AIR- 3669), Aditya Srivastava (AIR-3895), Parth Goel (AIR-4307), Sakshi Saxena (AIR-4374),Vansh Agarwal (AIR-4383), Soham P Ingole (AIR-4422), Dhruv Goyal (AIR-4713). 


FIITJEE Noida Students decimate all Competition in JEE Advanced, 2023 by securing 2 in Top 100, 5 in Top 500 Ranks, 8 in Top 1000 from Noida City. FIITJEE Noida centre has highest no. of selections in JEE Advanced 2023 in the city with more than 110* students qualified in JEE Advanced 2023 so far. FIITJEE’s Noida Centre has been producing City Topper in JEE Advanced repeatedly for the last fourteen (14) consecutive years. Noida City Ranks- 1, 2 & 3 are all FIITJEE Noida Students. FIITJEE Pan India has AIR-3, AIR-6, AIR-8 along with 37 students in Top 100 from all Programs.

This is not the first time that FIITJEE students have excelled in JEE. In fact, FIITJEE is the only institute with national presence in more than 87 centres and consistently produces excellent results across all its centres countrywide and not like every other institute that is a one or two centre wonder story. This is a proof of the efficacy of FIITJEE way of preparation and teaching & proves the superiority of the faculty, and the unique pattern-proof teaching modalities at FIITJEE, one of India’s most trusted institutes.

The topper Harshit Kansal is understandably thrilled. He said, “Making it to the IIT has been my dream since childhood and I am grateful to FIITJEE for helping me accomplish this dream. FIITJEE’s unique teaching methodology has helped me tremendously with the preparations of JEE in a Pattern Proof manner. FIITJEE’s well trained faculty facilitated in strengthening my fundamental concepts of Science & Mathematics that helped me in creatively resolving complex and tricky problems in all competitive Exams successfully”.


“Preparing students in a fundamental way from initial principles with focus on in-depth understanding of concepts and development of analytical abilities have yet again paid off for our students. At FIITJEE, our aim is to train serious aspiring students in such a way that they are ready to scale JEE successfully. FIITJEE’s early edge programs are designed for students to start early in their preparation for JEE and help them adapt to the quantum jump in level of difficulty and secure a Top Rank in JEE. The success of our students at JEE each year bears testimony to the fact that our unique way of teaching along with pattern proof study material has succeeded in bringing the best in students. We congratulate all our successful students as well as our teachers for their hard effort to make it possible,” says Ramesh Batlish, Centre Head, FIITJEE Noida.