BIGG BOSS HALLA BOL: Karishma Tanna accepts Upen’s proposal!


New Delhi: We all know by know why Upen Patel has come to the house and he has proved it by proposing Karishma Tanna as soon as he came back. We don’t really know that Karishma is genuine in her feelings or not as when Rahul was flirting with her, she was constantly singing that she has a boyfriend outside. Now when Upen has come into the picture by proposing her, it seems that she is enjoying it and more likely quite pleased with the attention she is getting from Upen and the audiences.


At this point of time, we don’t know what to expect out of Karishma. A question that comes in the minds of the audiences is that this ‘relationship’ between Karishma and Upen continue even after the show ends? How will Karishma react after coming out of the house now that she would also have to face her boyfriend?

Tonight we will see Karishma Tanna going to Upen’s bed and both of them share some romantic moments , hug each other and smooch.


Karishma Tanna will also accept Upen’s proposal tonight by saying openly in the house that we will see how it goes outside the house. Upen will be on top of the world and express his happiness by a happy gesture and moving around in the house happily. Karishma blushes and everyone in the house also become instantly happy.


Well Karishma, now what happened to your boyfriend? We all are waiting for that clarity as well!