Arechar Nutra Celebrates Real Women Making a Difference with #BeautyBeyondBeauty


Arechar Nutra, a brand on a mission to create a healthier future for women, is making waves with its initiative to celebrate the lives of real women with its groundbreaking #BeautyBeyondBeauty campaign.

This initiative seeks to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary achievements of real women who are making a positive impact in their communities and beyond. While Arechar Nutra remains dedicated to providing exceptional health and wellness products, this campaign showcases the brand’s commitment to social responsibility and empowerment.


#BeautyBeyondBeauty kicks off today with a heartfelt video featuring the remarkable Mani Luthra, a woman with a heart of gold who selflessly cares for over 200 stray animals and birds every day. Over the past eight years, Mani Luthra has lovingly looked after more than 1,000 animals, embodying the spirit of compassion and kindness.


Ruchika Rajbans, Founder of Arechar Nutra, expresses her enthusiasm for the campaign, saying, “Our #BeautyBeyondBeauty campaign is about recognizing and celebrating the inner beauty and strength of women who inspire us all. It’s not just about being a social brand; it’s about promoting genuine goodness. We believe that beauty transcends appearances, and these extraordinary women exemplify that belief.”


In the coming months, Arechar Nutra is committed to showcasing more inspiring stories of real women making a difference. Through #BeautyBeyondBeauty, they aim to encourage and uplift women everywhere, reminding them that their impact goes far beyond their physical beauty.


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About Arechar Nutra

Founded in 2022 by *Ruchika Rajbans, Arechar Nutra is an Indian-based nutraceutical company dedicated to improving women’s health worldwide. With a focus on rare natural ingredients, rigorous research, and global quality standards, we’ve earned certifications from USFDA and NSF. Our flagship product, Vitagoli, has revolutionized women’s skincare and haircare. We’re committed to making nutrition accessible, and driving a healthier and more resilient world for women everywhere.


Beyond nutraceuticals, we champion positive change in society, embodying hope and goodness. Arechar Nutra isn’t just a brand; it’s a force for a healthier, happier world for women globally.