Aditya and Shweta’s track to end in Bandhan


Aditya Redij and Shweta Munshi, who play parents to Ananya Agarwal’s character in Bandhan, will no longer be seen on the show. According to sources, their track on the show will be ending soon. “It was decided right from the time the show started that Aditya’s and Shweta’s characters will be a part of the show only for the initial episodes.

Their characters will be killed in the show, thereby paving the way for the elephant to take care of Ananya’s character,” the source added.

We got in touch with Shweta, who told us, “We were very much aware that our track will be ending after the initial episodes. It was not revealed earlier because it was supposed to be a high point. It was after a break that I had signed this show and I wanted to take it easy. We never know how the show might pan out because there will be a mystery element in our deaths. Our bodies won’t be found even after we are killed on the show.”