Adding Value to Society and Environment, Dinesh Yadav Builds Branded Luxury Resorts


Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Fine Acres is India’s leading developer of bespoke luxury resorts entailing JW Marriott, The Resori Farms, Udaipur Lakeside Resort, Regenta By Royal Orchid Pushkar among others.


A hospitality-focused international real estate developer, a futurist and an entrepreneur all rolled into one – this is Mr. Dinesh Yadav for you. He is a pioneer in creating enchanting experiences in the country’s most incredible destinations of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat and other parts of India with a sense of adding value to the society and environment we live in.

Mr. Dinesh Yadav

Mr. Yadav’s foray into branded luxury real estate began with a master’s degree in Business Administration from Rajasthan University. One of the 2 sons of Mr. Suraj Singh Yadav, Mr. Yadav knew very closely the extent of deprivation of conceptual townships with amenities that are required to make these projects successful. He wanted to go beyond providing luxury homes and resorts in his quest to make these projects well-planned and approved. This quest led to the establishment of Fine Acres, a leading visionary organization which is leaving no stone unturned in fulfilling the requirement of the consumers in terms of housing, commercial and farm houses.


His leadership has been instrumental in the growth of Fine Acres, which has not only chosen strategically important locations for expansion but also found relevant partners to propel its growth trajectory in places where luxury hospitality and township services are needed most. Mr. Yadav was instrumental in overseeing the implementation of the company’s business plan entailing market positioning, building asset/investment portfolio, geographic expansion and comprehensive organisational development in line with the brand’s business objective.


Before starting his stint as an entrepreneur, Mr. Yadav has mounted leadership, marketing, sales and operational roles within the real estate space. He brings 16 years of experience to his investments.


Today, Mr. Yadav supports every Indian’s right to quality living and plans to introduce new models of luxury living that empower Indians. Imparting awareness about excelling at the level of hospitality is an important component of services at Fine Acres. A dedicated expansion plan at Gir, Ranthambore, Goa, Jawai Sagar and Lonavala is a small step in fulfilling their vision of coming around 5000 key properties in the upcoming five years. He is also planning to mark their presence in Singapore, Thailand, Sydney and USA by opening offices in these countries. He has immense knowledge on real estate and his views and guidance’s are often sought by emerging builders.


He is a true family man. When not in his workplace, he is often found spending quality time with his two beautiful daughters and wife. He loves to travel and a big time cricket aficionado.