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Gurgaon pub owners asked to verify visitors’ identity

“Pub-going couples will also have to prove their identity. The main motive behind the exercise is to check the entry of people under the age 25 years as mandated by in the law,” a police officer told.

A pub owner said “We will have to check the identities of the couples coming to the pubs and enter them in computers to keep their records.

“The orders were made under the new guidelines issued by police following attacks on women and other infringements of law linked to the pubs here.

Besides, the pubs were asked to fix good quality CCTV cameras at their entry and exit points and within the premises.

Another bar owner said police have asked them to replace their bouncers with men hired from recognised security agencies.

Meanwhile, police here have made special security arrangements for the New Year celebrations to check incidents of hooliganism.Vehicles on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road will not be allowed to move after 6 p.m. at  December 31, police said.

Vehicles heading towards bars and malls in the city will not be allowed beyond IFFCO chowk. Special parking for such vehicles will be made available in Leisure Valley Park in Sector 29, a police officer said.

Five feeder buses will be made available to ferry people from Leisure Valley Park to and from pubs and malls. Women police personnel will also be deployed in large numbers and no pub or bar will be allowed to function after 1 a.m.

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