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AAP celebrates its victory with flash mobs

The Mehrauli resident took command of a group of 60 people, who danced to the tune of “Paanch Saal Kejriwal” and other patriotic songs.

Amrita’s father was also a part of the flash mob.”We have been preparing this dance for quite some time now. Earlier, we had performed 200 flash mobs in 70 constituencies across the city, Anand, one of the choreographers, said.

At the New Delhi constituency from where AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal won by over 31,000 votes volunteers danced to the beats of the ‘dhol’ (a large, barrel-shaped or cylindrical wooden drum) to celebrate his victory.

These flash mobs have been an integral part of AAP’s Delhi election campaign, which party volunteers believe helped them connect with the masses at large.

“Kejriwal has taught politics to one and all – from the youngest to the eldest. I am here to celebrate this new era of politics in Delhi,” Mohammad Faizal, 26, who works at a mall in Vasant Kunj, said.

The AAP was Tuesday headed for a stunning comeback in Delhi.

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