UK: “funding for Neuromuscular pysiotherapist is assured in Yorkshire” says MDC


2 January 2015, London. By the long campaign by  the leading UK charity  ‘the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign ‘ Campaign MD  along with local families and clinicians funding for three new neuromuscular physiotherapists has been secured in Yorkshire.

In West Yorkshire a new neuromuscular physiotherapist has already been appointed and is now supporting adults living with muscle-wasting conditions across the area. The new role which is funded by the ten West Yorkshire clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) means that for the first time adults in the region will have access to specialist neuromuscular physiotherapy.

Eleanore_Butler_thumbSpecialist neuromuscular physiotherapist Eleanor Butler is based at St Luke’s hospital but supports physiotherapy teams across West Yorkshire providing advice and care to thousands of patients and helping cut unplanned hospital admissions.

Physiotherapy can make a significant difference to the mobility and quality of life of people living with neuromuscular conditions, alongside keeping muscles supple and preventing falls. Exercise is just as important for people with muscle-wasting conditions as anyone else, but knowing what kind of physical activity is beneficial – and not potential harmful – is vital.

In addition to Eleanor’s new role, funding for two new neuromuscular physiotherapists in the south of Yorkshire was also recently announced at the latest Yorkshire and Humber Neuromuscular Forum meeting; meaning adults in the south of the region will also soon have access to a dedicated specialist neuromuscular physiotherapy in their local area too.

Dr Mark Busby, consultant neurologist at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said:

“Neuromuscular patients are reliant on therapies, so helping people manage their illness on a daily basis is vital to maintaining a good quality of life for as long as possible

The addition of Eleanor to our regional team, as someone who has real specialist physiotherapist knowledge of a variety of really good therapies which will help our patients, is a real bonus and will add to the patient experiences of many across the region.”

Neuromuscular Outreach Manager Bobby Ancil said:

““Our supporters across the region have worked side-by-side with the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign to demonstrate to NHS leaders the incredible impact that specialist physiotherapists can have on the health and well-being of patients and their families. This post will be a lifeline to adults affected by neuromuscular conditions in the area, who have, up until now had no access to specialist physiotherapy services.”

For more information about Bridging the Gap please contact Bobby Ancil by emailing or call 07920188970(UK).

News Source:-The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign