The justice delayed and even denied: Delhi court silent on “Veno”, Convicted four Mango Men in 39 yr old LN Mishra murder case

 Naveen Kumar
08.12.2014,New Delhi.


On 16th october 2005 The Daily Telegraph in An article “Why the KGB went on a shopping spree” said ” The KGB had relations with many world leaders but it generally sought to enlist them as “confidential contacts” whom they could support and influence rather than recruit as agents. ” two days latter  an Russian online Daily ‘Kommersant’ said that Smt. Indira Gandhi was an KGB agent having the Code “Veno”. The ‘Kommersant’ says :- “The first and, probably, the main victim of the second volume of The Mitrokhin Archive is Indira Gandhi, code-named “Vano”. The documents disclosed in London state that India’s most famous woman was a KGB agent. It is quite obvious that she was under practically unlimited influence of the Soviet intelligence.” the  ‘Kommersant’ further adds “Meanwhile, the KGB still financed the ruling party of India. Suitcases full of money were sent right to the prime minister’s residence. By late 1970s, the Soviet secret service funded several ministers, many regional leaders, ten newspapers and one news agency. Not a single step in India’s foreign policy was at odds with the Soviet diplomacy. Here is an example that could show how many spies worked for the USSR in the country. When an Indian minister offered a KGB against to sell important information and charged $50,000 for it, he got a refusal since this information was no longer a secret for the Soviet Union. It would be certainly impossible without the leadership of “dear Ms. Indira Gandhi”, aka “contact Vano” “.  There is enough proof available on internet which suggest that former prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi was actually the KGB’s Agent “Veno”. But instead of having probe in said allegations against Smt. Indira Gandhi about said murder of late L N Mishra the Districts & Sessions Judge, Karkardooma Courts, Delhi has today convicted four accused persons, namely S/Shri Santoshanand Avadhut; Suvedanand Avadhut; Ram Janam Dwivedi @ Ranjan Dwivedi and Gopalji @ Krishna Mohan Singh (all private persons) in a case relating to death of Shri L.N. Mishra , then Railway Minister. Is that a point ? court being silent on KGB agent “Veno” and convicting four unknown common peaple, that to after 39 year old trail. Is even after the victory of ‘NaMo’ we still lives in an undemocratic era where entire system of our Republic is a puppet in the hands of ‘Royal Nehru-Gandhi’ dynasty? Is still CBI is a ‘ Congress Bureau of Investigation’? CBI today in a press release  said “CBI had registered a case on 07.01.1975 U/s 120-B r/w 302 of IPC and sections 4/5 of Explosive Substance Act. It was alleged that on 02.01.1975, a hand-grenade was hurled on the dais constructed at the Samastipur Railway Station (Bihar) for inauguration of a broad gauge railway line between Samastipur and Muzaffarpur (Bihar), causing death of Sh. L.N. Mishra, the then Railway Minister & two others and grievous injuries to a number of persons.After completion of the investigation, CBI had filed a chargesheet on 12.11.1975 U/s 120-B, 302, 307, 324, 326 of IPC and Section 4, 5 of Explosive Substances Act. The charges were framed on 21.01.1981. The trial got delayed due to numerous dilatory tactics of the accused persons. The Trial Court found the accused guilty and convicted them. The court will hear the argument on sentence on 15.12.2014”