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Tata 1mg Redefines Customer Experience with its #OneDayWithTheCustomer Programme

India’s largest digital health platform, Tata 1mg, recently concluded its unique internal annual programme, #OneDayWithYourCustomer, designed to understand and serve customers better. More than 45 senior leaders from Tata 1mg, including the Co-founders, Business Heads and Functional Heads, from across the company participated in this annual ritual where they directly interacted with the customers, addressed customer queries, and resolved customers complaints for one day.  


The programme reinforces Tata 1mg’s commitment to customer centricity


This one-month programme is planned by Tata 1mg’s customer experience department, with the dual objective of bringing the voice of the customer closer to the business teams, and also to seek feedback and suggestions for improvement of the company’s customer service processes. One dedicated trainer conducts a half-day training session for the leaders, which includes training on using tools, how to assist customers, and how to resolve their queries and concerns. This is followed by live customer engagement for the remaining half of the day. Every participant connects with Tata 1mg customers through three live chat conversations and engages with a distressed customer over a voice call. The participants have to resolve the customers’ queries and concerns and are also rated on their response by the customers whom they assisted. The whole objective of the programme is to build a “customer-first” culture by listening to feedback directly from customers.


Speaking on the programme, Tanmay Saksena, Chief Operating Officer, Tata 1mg, said, “Being a part of the healthcare industry, customer experience and patient centricity is our topmost priority. We are continuously evolving to enhance customer delight. Through this programme, we want to engage the entire organization to be even more customer centric and deliver a world-class customer experience at every touch point. As a result, we put together this programme for all of our business and functional leaders to see firsthand what it’s like to be a customer service professional and all of the challenges that come with delivering customer delight.


This programme has helped us bring about continuous improvements in how we look at customer concerns and how we proactively eliminate many of the issues being faced by our customers currently. We have already implemented several product and process improvements which will help us serve our customers better based on the suggestions shared by the participants. We plan to now expand this programme for more stakeholders within the company,” Tanmay added.


Gaurav Agrawal, Co-founder, Tata 1mg, who was one of the participants of the programme, shared his experience, “Customer experience has emerged as the biggest differentiator for successful businesses across the world. Every year, each Tata 1mg leader carries the learnings of their interactions with our esteemed customers to their respective functions and tries to solve at least one big problem for the customer and company, which would directly help us in enhancing the customer experience.”


Taking forward this initiative, the company has now commenced a similar 3-day training program as a part of its induction process for its new employees.


About Tata 1mg 

Tata 1mg is India’s largest Digital Health Platform. The company has scaled up rapidly since 2015 to become India’s #1 Digital Health Company, commanding the leading share of the time spent in the Digital Healthcare category with over 35 million monthly unique users and 350 million monthly page views. 1mg started with a simple vision of making healthcare Affordable, Accessible & Understandable. Tata 1mg operates India’s largest platform comprising e-pharmacy, e-diagnostics, and e-consult services. Tata 1mg is the only company in India operating with a Legit Script & ISO certification for its e-pharmacy lines as well NABL accreditation for its Diagnostics business. In 2021, Tata Digital acquired a majority stake in 1mg, and the company was rebranded as Tata 1mg.


Tata 1mg labs are currently present in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, and Dehradun. These state-of-the-art diagnostic labs operated by expert pathologists and microbiologists ensure 100% accurate and fast delivery of reports. The company has a dedicated fleet of trained and fully vaccinated phlebotomists and offers safe home sample collection in more than 50 cities in India.

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