Solo travellers community launched first time in India: We Travel Solo


04 February 2015, New Delhi. Wetravelsolo is India’s first Solo Travellers community, launched in India to provide a never before solo travelling experience with likeminded travellers. It is ideal for travel lovers who feel held back because of lack of ideal partner for a trip. With Wetravelsolo, weekends will be made all the more incident and your trips more charming without a thing to worry about.

Wetravelsolo focuses on combining online and real time travelling at the prices unheard of, where every trip is a hand crafted voyage of an experienced solo traveller. Not just that, Wetravelsolo has added some really interesting social networking features on its site to help build real time connections. Travel over your favourite themes with likeminded people, share your every experience with your community and stay connected with the friends you have made while traveling and stay connected with them on Wetravelsolo.

Wetravelsolo is perfect for individuals who love to travel but are devoid of the right company. Here, individuals come together, interface with one another and share their common passion of travelling. These individuals come alone yet when they leave they have modest number of acquaintances and innumerable memories. Wetravelsolo is a start-up and has a team of 10 enthusiastic and creative minds from different industries bound by one common interest, travel.

There are many travel companies but what makes them stand apart from their competitors is that they are a social community instead of a mere portal which works on packages. In addition to being pocket friendly where you needn’t bother with a doubt regarding costs of outings, they believe in providing a platform where relations build over a trip filled with experiences.

The company believes in Trocialising. An unconventional way to socialize and enjoy the vacations. They believe in socializing with new people over a travel journey and cherish those memories which set them apart from their competitors. The company focuses on merging online business with real time travelling, leading to a personal connect with all their members.

Moreover, it is actually a gift for travel bloggers and columnists and many travel enthusiastic individuals as the platform allows users to become a Trip Crafter where you can compose and plan your own trips, post about your encounters and can have an extraordinary fan taking after you. This is another great aspect of Wetravelsolo.


How this website works:

The site is easy to understand and operate. You should do nothing more than, Log on, subscribe to it with a onetime membership fee valid for a lifetime. Once you are a member, you can choose outings, make payment and socialise with likeminded people. An impeccable approach to hustle free service. The whole thought rotates around CONNECTING with one another and to have an extraordinary time.

An excellent feature exclusively added is that all the voyages can impart pictures on the site and others can view and share also. The organization arranges a trip where they cover all the experiences of the zone/area you are going to. Also the correspondence doesn’t end here individuals can chat on their outing groups too.

The company takes utmost care of the security and reviews the backgrounds of individuals before taking anyone a voyage. Thus, undoubtedly you will be going with people who you will have a gala time with.