Sex in the sky: Skint Japanese air hostesses sleeping with pilots for money


London: Japanese air stewardesses in need of money have reportedly started their own prostitution business and are sleeping with pilots, charging them for sex .
According to an air hostess, stewardesses who have seen wages cut by as much as 6000 pounds, charge between 300 to 450 pounds for romps, and women under the age of 30 demand the highest fee, the Daily Star reported.

She added that there was a system where the stewardesses who were willing passed their number to a senior stewardess, who’s a female pimp, and if the pilot’s are interested in someone, they use hand signals to convey the same and tell how much they will pay.

Reports of such cases had first emerged in 2007, and a woman claimed that the stewardesses were lined up in front of the pilot and co- pilot before pre-flight safety checks.