Screams for Justice — Jagjeet Singh


Tarn-taran (Punjab)

Punjab Police beating lady publicly on road
Punjab Police beating lady publicly on road

A law abiding citizen is forced to leave Tarn-taran Punjab by Punjab Police as he is the only eyewitness in the case where Punjab Police beats a lady in public place, the only fault of this person is to make the video of the incident and he is the only person who dares to come forward in the court as eyewitness.

This video goes viral nearly one and a half year ago which creates a stir in the country and raises many questions on morality of  Punjab Police and Punjab Govt…. Can any state Police beats any female or male publicly?


Now, Story takes a new turn…..

Jagjeet Singh
Jagjeet Singh on Jantar Mantar with Family


Just have a look at this Sikh Family who is sitting in the image at Jantar Mantar(Delhi), This Sikh family belongs to tarn-taran (Punjab)…… the person in the image is Sh. Jagjeet Singh(eye witness), his life turns dark the day when Punjab Police beats a lady in public place and he shoot the complete footage on his camera and dare to be the only eyewitness in the court.



As per Jagjeet Singh that day he was going for a marriage when he saw Punjab Police Officials beating a lady on road and he made the footage,Punjab Police capture Jagjeet Singh and force him not to be a eye witness and threatened him, Jagjeet Singh demanded for security from court as he was afraid for his life.

Punjab Police granted two police mens saying that Jagjeet Singh has to bear the expenses of the police man, from that day where ever Jagjeet Singh  goes the police mens go with him on his motorcycle, and many times threaten the Jagjeet Singh on behalf of Punjab Police officilas, for last one year Jagjeet Singh is paying for the expenses of these two police mens, for their expenses Jagjeet Singh has to sell his camera and many other valuables as well, he has nothing left to sell now.

jagjeet singh with security guards
Jagjeet Singh with Punjab Police Security

Jagjeet Singh demands security guards from Chandigarh Police instead of Punjab Police and demands that Punjab Police should pay for the expenses of their police mens.

Jagjeet Singh
Jagjeet Singh seeking help from Govt Of India

Jagjeet singh is forced to live on the roads of Jantar Mantar (Delhi) with his kids and family in the winters like december. Jasbeer Kaur (wife of Jagjeet Singh) is very disappointed by the Punjab Govt and Punjab Police and not sure when they will return home.

The  Sikh family is trying to make an appeal to Central Govt of India for Justice.

Appeal to Govt Of India
Appeal to Govt Of India by Jagjeet Singh

Now, we have to see when the law abiding family will get the Justice??

This incident also raises questions on the Indian Law System where even a eye witness is insecure for his life??