samsung: Samsung may be working on an affordable convertible Chromebook – Rashtra News : Tech News


samsung: Samsung may be working on an affordable convertible Chromebook – Rashtra News : Rashtra News

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Samsung might be working on a new Chromebook for the budget segment and it seems to have the qualities of a convertible Chromebook. SamMobile reports that proof about this new device’s existence was discovered in Chromium Repositories and was referred to by the codename of “Bugzzy.”
The upcoming Samsung Chromebook is expected to be powered by an Intel Jasper Lake processor and also seems to fit the bill for a budget device. The device is also expected to have a screen resolution 2560 by 1600 pixels, which is rare among budget devices.
Moreover, the report adds that there is a “quirk” in the tablet’s design which hints towards “a different type of panel from clamshell.” This “quirk” design suggests that the Bugzzy will come in a Chromebook form factor.
Other brands have also used similar descriptions for devices that could or has already arrived with a convertible or 2-in-1 design. This means that the upcoming Samsung Bugzzy is expected to come out as a convertible Chromebook that will have a touchscreen that might also transform into a Chrome-based tablet.
There’s no information about when the Korea-based tech giant might plan to release its Chromebook. Moreover, there’s no reference of the “Galaxy” brand anywhere the report adds. This could also indicate that Bugzzy (if it ever becomes a real product) won’t be added to the Galaxy Chromebook series and might be continuing the Samsung’s Chromebook series (without the “Galaxy” series).

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