PM Modi Car Viral Video | Saharanpur में पब्लिक ने क्या किया? UP News Praveen Gautam Analysis


PM Modi Car Viral Video | Saharanpur में पब्लिक ने क्या किया? UP News Praveen Gautam Analysis : Video analysis by hindustan live online

PM Modi addressed the rally in Saharanpur. While going to Saharanpur, the way PM Modi greeted the people standing on the road, they are being trolled on social media that the public coming so close to PM Modi’s car is not a security breach? Praveen Gautam’s analysis on PM Modi’s Saharanpur video. #pmmodicarvideo #pmmodi #hindustanlive #hlive #upelectionnews #upnews #modisecuritybreach #praveengautamanalysis #hindinews #nationalnews

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  1. 'Super illiterate ke sath sath ye to bada Nautankii bhi haii🤣🤣🤣 this joker PM will be remember next 50yrs not for his work but for camera & pictures jivi..!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Nehru. Ji. Open. Car. Mai. Safar. Karte. Thete. Íñdirà. Open. Car. Mai.
    Safar. Kar. Thete. Lal bhadur. Shàstri.
    Open. Kar mai. Safar. Karte. Theté
    Modhi. Ko. Dar. Làghà. Tha. Hai. Ke
    Mardaleghà. Ísliya. Band. Kar. Mai
    Safar. Karta. Haí

  3. PM modi ji ki jaan ko khatra unke hisab se hota hai. Kab nautanki karni hai aur kaise karna hai, ye modi ji hi decide karte hain. Khali over bridge par unko khatra feel hota hai because wahan nautanki karni thi.