Peta: Protest For Elephants

New Delhi, India
Peta strikes back with a bang on the cruel people who uses animals for their fun and entertainment, Peta, a well known world wide organization which works for and in favor of animals protest to ban animal slavery mentioning mainly elephants of circuses.
Peta members shackled in chains wearing elephants masks and holding out the palms of printed blood red ( peta)and india federation of indian animal protection organization (FIAPO)will col upon the ministry of environment forest and climate change to ban animals use in circuses just in time for human rights day which is also internationl rights day(10december) the protest is also 20141209_123436aimed to break down false barrier between human and other species that leads human to mistreat animals.
PETA investigaes that circuses includes rampant uses of torture devices on animals, animals also died from inadequate care or simply go missing, drunken circus staff who handle animals, nearly constant chaining caging and other severe confinement of animals like elephants, dogs, cats, birds and other animals who showed signs of severe psychological distress including constant swaying circling and even self mutilation and use of other animals who were nearly blind or had severe eye problems.
India is a place where we respect and worship every living being in some way or another, and this type of merciless behave with animals is not at all acceptable and should be stopped.
Rashtra News appreciate, supports and stands with PETA for this cause.