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Nurturing Outstanding Clinicians for Shaping the Future of Healthcare

The Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (AIMSR), Hyderabad, marked its decennial year with grand celebrations witnessed by Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan, the honourable Governor of Telangana. Founded in 2012, the Institute is affiliated with Kaloji Narayana Rao (KNR) University of Health Sciences Warangal, Telangana, and approved by the National Medical Commission (NMC).

Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (AIMSR), Hyderabad

Also known as Apollo Medical College, AIMSR, Hyderabad is a proud inheritor of the legacy of the Apollo Hospitals Group, which is a leader in healthcare delivery. The college aspires to be a globally renowned educational institution. To achieve this, it has adopted a medical education system that focuses on inculcating lifelong learning habits in future medical professionals. New insights into disease mechanisms, advancements in nanotechnology, gene therapies, and genomics-driven cancer detection require students and doctors to update their knowledge constantly. This enables AIMSR to provide patients with the latest advancements in medicine at a faster and safer pace.

AIMSR stands tall as an institution of excellence because it understands that medical education goes beyond just imparting knowledge. It is about building strong clinical skills, ethics, compassion, and a sense of community service. To this end, the college focuses on delivering a mix of the highest level of clinical experience and competence, along with personal attributes such as transformational leadership, communication skills, and entrepreneurship. In addition, the college recognises that each student is unique and aligns its training framework with the student’s passions, ambitions, and career options. It offers a robust mentorship program for medical students.


To reach the top of national and global rankings, AIMSR is continuously evolving its teaching methodology, competence assessments, and professional development of its faculty. The institution believes in training the trainers today for a better tomorrow. This has made AIMSR a sought-after medical education destination.


Backed by its strong reputation, AIMSR is striving for excellence in education with the latest research and a highly distinguished faculty. The college offers MBBS and MD/MS courses, across specialities like General Surgery, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, General Medicine, Radiodiagnosis, Pulmonology, ENT, Anatomy, OBG, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Physiology, Microbiology, Community Medicine & Anaesthesiology.


It offers 8 pre-clinical and para-clinical departments, as well as 13 clinical departments, with an annual intake of 150 medical students and a faculty-student ratio of around 1:4. The Apollo Group boasts over 5,000 consultant physicians and surgeons of the highest academic and clinical calibre offering AIMSR’s students exceptional clinical expertise.


Students have access to technologically advanced simulation labs, teaching aids, and e-learning modules, further enhancing the quality of education they receive. The student labs are equipped with sophisticated equipment, providing them with exposure to current trends in medicine. For example, the Physiology department’s Power Lab setup is among the first-of-its-kind for undergraduate medical education in the country, offering students a glimpse into the current and future trends in medicine. Additionally, the college has a vast library repository of 8759 textbooks, 150 journals, and over 1,500 e-journals.

The National Program for Control of Blindness has approved AIMSR’s Department of Ophthalmology to perform free cataract surgeries for the rural populations in Telangana’s districts.


The Apollo Medical College Teaching Hospital is a 660-bed hospital situated in a 200,000-square-foot facility that also serves as the teaching institute for the students of AIMSR. The hospital provides comprehensive medical care to patients offering a wide range of clinical cases. Round-the-clock (24/7) specialist services are available in the hospital, provided by the teaching faculty members of different departments, with support from junior and senior residents.


The outpatient department of the hospital comprises well-equipped consultation rooms for all departments, with ancillary rooms for case demonstrations, minor procedures and related activities to students. The daily patient turnout in the OPD is over 1650, with an average of 130 daily admissions, which provides the students with hands-on experience in various clinical cases. The wards have modern facilities and are staffed by a doctor around the clock for prompt action in the Emergency & Trauma Centre. The operation-theatre complex is well-planned and equipped with modern, sophisticated equipment, with each department having its own OT.


The teaching hospital emphasises training medical students, with state-of-the-art demonstration rooms, conference halls, and other facilities available for medical education. Clinical education includes bedside clinical skills, doctor-patient communication, and a simulation laboratory.


One of the most exciting technological advancements being developed at AIMSR is robotic surgery. The use of robots to perform complex surgeries provides greater accuracy and precision, reducing patient recovery time and minimising the risk of complications.


The medical college also has access to paediatric cardiothoracic surgeries, laparoscopic surgeries and dialysis for renal support under the schemes empanelled by the government.


AIMSR places a strong emphasis on developing empathy and compassion in its students. Therefore, the college provides exposure to primary and secondary care in rural and urban areas, sensitising students to the care of the underprivileged. The department of Community medicine ensures community outreach through the Urban Health Training Center in Shaikpet, Hyderabad, and the Rural Health Training Center in Moinabad, K.V Ranga Reddy district, Andhra Pradesh. The Community Service-Learning program at AIMSR is rooted in the fundamental principle that the responsibilities of physicians extend beyond the confines of healthcare facilities and that future physicians greatly benefit from hands-on community involvement.


Under the ICMR STS (Short Term Studentship), the college seeks to provide mentorship to students from experienced clinicians and high achievers. The college’s mentor program pairs first-year medical students with a faculty member who offers guidance, motivation, and learning opportunities in their specific areas of interest. To this end, students are asked to identify their top three clinical speciality areas during orientation or early in the first semester. This information is then used to match students or groups of students with a mentor who is a specialist in one of the areas they have selected.


As active participants in community organisations, medical students of AIMSR understand the significance of their social responsibility as healthcare providers. These experiences offer students the opportunity to comprehend healthcare disparities, familiarise themselves with diverse patient populations, and refine their clinical, communication, organisational, & teamwork skills, all of which will serve them well in their future careers as physicians. The dynamic learning environment of AIMSR enriches students’ knowledge, skills & experiences and empowers them to identify and implement solutions to complex social issues.


In ten years of its establishment, AIMSR has emerged as a premier medical college, improving health through leadership, collaborative discoveries and innovation in patient care, and imparting top-notch medical education and research.


The genuine concern for quality education and the relentless endeavour towards excellence in all spheres of service has resulted in AIMSR becoming an institution of excellence.

AIMSR is now on the path to fulfilling Dr. Prathap C Reddy’s words – “I want to make India a global healthcare destination.”

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