NTC Upgrades International Bandwidth Capacity to 120 Gbps For Smooth Internet :Nepal News


NTC Upgrades International Bandwidth Capacity to 120 Gbps For Smooth Internet : Rashtra News

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NTC has upgraded its international bandwidth capacity to 120 Gbps. Meanwhile, the company has also added a cache server for Netflix. The increased import of bandwidth will allow for a lag-free and consistent internet consumption for its customers.

The company’s recently appointed acting Managing Director Prabha Vaidya reported that NTC has added more to its import of international bandwidth and now it totals 120 Gbps.

Besides, the carrier network provider has also set up local cash servers for Netflix and Cloudflare. Netflix shows are becoming popular among the ‘connected’ demography in Nepal and contributing to higher internet traffic. Meanwhile, Cloudfare is a prominent Content Delivery Network. Upgrading their bandwidth caps will ease off for uninterrupted internet consumption.

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has added more international bandwidth to its total which will keep its broadband services smoother. The growth in OTT services and internet consumption is surging and so is the demand for consistent broadband performance. Importing more international bandwidth will ease off the customers to access online content without glitches.

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NTC Upgrades International Bandwidth

Meanwhile, NTC has also upgraded its Akamai CDN’s bandwidth capacity to 600 Gbps. This will fasten up the loading time for Facebook, Google, and TikTok among other popular sites in Nepal. NTC has upgraded its core routers to 100 Gbps in Kathmandu, Butwal, Pokhara, and Hetauda.

Besides, NTC is also implementing a GIS system to make its network management, and analysis more effective.

The company has improved its core routers’ capacities in such a way that the peak internet traffic will not exceed 70% in crunch times. This will thus ensure consistent online browsing for its users.

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NTC’s total broadband subscribers have surpassed 1.9 crores till Kartik. In this, Over 7 lakh are its fiber internet customers. More importantly, its FTTH users are increasing at an alarming rate which equates to increased internet traffic. This is why its international bandwidth upgrade will keep its customers’ internet consumption at an optimum level.

This should also enable Ntc to join the Internet speed war race in Nepal.

How is your internet experience with NTC’s broadband services? Have you felt any noticeable glitches or slow loading times recently? Do share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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