‘My Father Thinks I am Yeda’: Anand Slams Harish Rawat, Other Leaders for Failing Uttarakhand Youths : #PoliticalNews


‘My Father Thinks I am Yeda’: Anand Slams Harish Rawat, Other Leaders for Failing Uttarakhand Youths : #RashtraNews

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It seems Harish Rawat and his son and aspiring politician, Anand, had a bitter feud on social media after the latter hit out at his father and other Congress leaders for not raising the issue of Uttarakhand youngsters receiving less pay than their counterparts in other states despite receiving same technical education.

In a Facebook post, Anand wrote his father thinks he is a “yeda” (idiot) after he said Kerala youths passed out from polytechnics and Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) get better salaries than those in Uttarakhand, which has more such institutes.

“Who will think of youngsters? Our leaders, be it Harish Rawat, Kishore Upadhyay, Sumit Hridayesh, Ritu Khanduri who are busy posting condolence and birthday wishes on social media,” Anand wrote on Facebook.

Not even sparing his father, Anand further wrote, “My father (Harish Rawat) often remains disturbed about my ideas. It appears that he thinks I am a ‘yeda’ (idiot).”

Harish Rawat minced no words in accepting his “failures” while replying to his son on Facebook.

“Anand, I never thought you are a yeda (idiot). I am proud of you and the issues you raised from time to time. Politics has changed but you did the right thing by hitting hard on pivotal issues and people like me,” an emotional-sounding Harish Rawat clarified his position on Facebook.

Congress leader Harish Rawat replies to his son, Anand, in a Facebook post. (Photo: News18)

“Time will do the justice though your father failed,” Harish concluded.

According to sources, Anand has been sulking for quite some time. It is learned that Anand headed the state Congress youth wing and was a contender for a ticket during the recently concluded Uttarakhand assembly polls besides his sister Anupama who managed to fight the election and won from Haridwar rural.

Several users on Facebook asked Harish why he looked weak. Recently, one of the Harish Rawat’s trusted lieutenant, Jot Singh Bisht, after unsuccessfully contesting the assembly election, switched over to the Aam Adami Party.

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