Movie review: Action Jackson, bizarreness overloaded


Film: Action Jackson

Director: Prabhu Deva

Cast: Ajay Devgan, Sonakshi Sinha, Yami gautma, Kunal Roy Kapur, Manasvi Mamgai

Story: Action Jackson is a tale about Vishi (Ajay Devgn) who is a small town goon yet a man with a magnanimous personality and a heart of gold. Our hero in the movie enjoys fighting on the beats of music, strange? Not completely, adding to the bizarreness, Sonakshi Sinha aka (Khushi) enters the scene. Sonakshi bumps in to Ajay in a mall’s changing room and see him naked, which don’t know how but brings luck to heroine who is considered unlucky by all. So the heroine in the film is stalking the hero to see him naked again which according to her will fetch some luck and finally she will marry a guy from US, America as she dreamily says!

The second mind boggling aspect you will come across is you will find Vishi (Ajay) being chased by every one but you still don’t know why and suddenly the movie will take an obnoxious turn and you will find that Vishi has a replica who is an extremely skilled criminal Jai aka AJ.

Lives of two different Ajay’s collide and the drama commences. How does the duo conquer victory over the malicious and super smart villains is the story of Action Jackson.

What brings relief to otherwise arbitrary movie is Kunal Roy Kapoor, who in his regular avatar of a fat boy, does his regular yet smart comedy.

  Action Jackson is movie meant for die hard fans, who would love to see their favorite stars dazzle the silver screen regardless of a script or a convincing story line.

Meanwhile, you will see Ajay enjoying every bit of the movie to it’s fullest which is one thing you might have not seen the actor doing it in his previous movies.