Mohan Bhagwat calls for unity, says people of all faiths had fought aggressors


Khanwa: Despite different religions, castes and languages, people of the country have stood as one against external aggressors as “our ancestors were one”, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said.”We are all ‘bharat mata putra’ (son of India) and are living together despite different culture, caste and religion since time immemorial,” he said here, 35 kms from Bharatpur.

Taking out a leaf from history, Bhagwat highlighted the 1527 battle of Khanwa between Rana Sanga and Babar and said it was a “milestone” battle in the world.

The RSS chief said that Rana Sanga’s warrior Hasan Khan Mewati had rejected Babar’s offer to join his army and was ‘bharat mata putra’.

“It was Rana Sanga’s other warriors like Hasan Khan Mewati who had rejected Babbar’s offer to join his army on the religious ground,” he said.

“Hasan had told that his language, caste and religion might be the same as of Babar but he was first Indian and bharat mata putra (son of India),” he said.

He also appealed to the people to stay united without indulging into fight over petty issues.

“Choti-choti baaton ko lekar aapas mein nahin ladna, ek saath khare raho, desh ko khara karo, ekta ki jay bolo, sari dunia ko ekta sikhanye (do not quarrel with each other on pity issues, live unitedly, maintain unity and integrity of nation, raise unity slogan, teach message of unity to world,” he called upon people.