‘Masil Theater’ from South Korea brings new methods of learning for Indian students


In this new era where education plays a key role in the society and parents’ greatest concern is to provide best education and knowledge to their kids; Korean Cultural Centre brings new opportunities for all the Indian schools and students to be a part of their cultural education system. Korean Cultural centre presents “Korean Cultural Centre-Indian School Partnership Project” under which they aim at projecting the rich culture heritage of Korea through Indian students. This initiative encroaches the extension of the mutual understanding between India and Korea, Since many people in India are unaware of the fact that Koreans and Indians are cousins in relation on top of that numerous similarities can be found between both the countries, hence Korean Cultural Centre’s main motive ins to enlighten the rich culture heritage that both the countries share and the best target to aware it with is the youth, which became the cause for this project. Under this project, students from schools in Delhi/NCR are invited to tour the Korean Cultural Centre in order to show the cultural activities such as Playing Tuho, Wearing Hanbok, and Taekwondo session not only this, different schools from across the country are visited by the Korean Cultural experts’ team who visit India to introduce the rich culture heritage of Korea.
RUN RUN RUN : Under this project by Korean Cultural Centre, ‘Masil theatre’ from South Korea will play Korean traditional musical play as a part of visiting program of Korean Cultural Centre at the 10 schools in Delhi NCR. Run, Run, Run premired in 2010

This project was awarded with:

• Best Play and Best Acting awarded by ASSITEJ(Association of Theatre for Children and Young People) Korea in 2011

• Best Acting awarded by Gimcheon international Theater Festival For Family

• Best Play selected by Korean Cultural and Arts Centers Association from 2011 to 2012

The Visiting Program includes an amazing musical play and an interesting workshop for over 5,000 students. The audiences are lively interactive with performers through interesting problem solving and adventure story. These projects aim at interesting ways of learning.
The ‘Masil Theatre’ wants audiences to have fresh experience of participating in the play. The Company hopes to the adults and children easily meet plays and attend dramatic plays to be neighborhoods, just like visiting a ‘Masil’ which is a Korean dialect of village.
The world of fertile Imagination
Drama play of Masil Theater induces to view a matter from a different standpoint. Through drama play you can discover something new from daily life and freely imagine and express yourself.
Communication with playing games
Drama play puts a premium on communication among the people through the playing games. And understand one another through a positive self awareness and active relations with other people.
Drama play for everyone
Masil Theater has various drama play programs for children, for teachers, for families and multi-cultural families.
We invite all the schools from across the country to be a part of this project and get the taste of Korea for educating their students.
We hope this free education and project will certainly bring closer understanding of Indo- Korean traditional relationship and the culture heritage that both the countries share.
From the commencement of the project from 9th May 2014, KCC has signed MOU with 30 schools so far, they will be the partners with KCC for coming years-
1. Mount Carmel School
2. Doon International School
3. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Mehta Vidyalaya
4. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Mehta Vidyalaya
5. Golden Bells Public School
6. MV International School
7. DAV Public School
8. ASN Sr. School
9. DAV School
10. Modern Delhi Public School
11. Panini Jananpeeth School
12. Stephens International Public School
13. Apeejay Svran Global School
14. Apeejay School
15. Apeejay School
16. Apeejay International School
17. Apeejay School
18. Apeejay School
19. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School
20. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School
21. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School
22. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School
23. SOS Hermann Gmeiner Secondary School
24. SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School
25. SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School
26. Ahlcon International School
27. Pathways School Aravali.

Contact person for the project: In-Hye Jeong(+91-7042804011)