Jonathan Hickman’s ‘Avengers’ run ends in April


Marvel Comics has announced the end of Jonathan Hickman’s ‘Avengers’ run in April.

Avengers #44 and New Avengers #33 will end the writer’s work on the franchise ahead of the ‘Secret Wars’ event, reported Digital Spy.

The ‘Time Runs Out’ storyline – which jumped eight months into the future – will conclude with a final incursion with a parallel ‘Earth’.

Mike Deodato will illustrate Avenger #44, with Kev Walker on New Avengers #33.

Dustin Weaver has illustrated interlocking covers for the two issues.

Hickman has said that he will take a break from Marvel after ‘Secret Wars’.

He is also working on ‘East of West’, ‘The Manhattan Projects’ and the forthcoming ‘The Dying and the Dead’ at Image Comics.

‘Secret Wars’ will launch in May.