IACC and TEFF to Host ‘Aarambh 1 – Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability’ Conclave


Riding high on the backdrop of the Glasgow Conclave and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) Pune, in collaboration with The Eco Factory Foundation (TEFF), as the knowledge partner, is proud to announce their global and virtual conclave – ‘Aarambh #1-Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability‘. This one-day conclave will be held on December 17, 2021, from 2 to 8:30 pm IST.

Aarambh #1 – Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability

Our planet’s health is degrading day by day. Climate change is real! Global warming is real! Ocean reefs dying are real! The burning of the Amazon Forest is real! People dying of hunger and poverty is real! An increase in carbon emission is real! Well, the list of how we are harming our planet is endless. If we don’t take things into our hands and act immediately, then the end is not only near but is scary too. We must act now to end environmental hazards and create a sustainable future. With an open mind and heart, the sky is the limit. Aarambh #1 is not only addressing these issues, but it is also bringing like-minded people together, spreading the essence of sustainable development, and powering green measures.

Sustainability is a vast topic, and Aarambh #1 embraces a holistic approach that reflects in the alignment of the conclave’s sessions. This event is divided into five crucial sessions, and more than 25 eminent speakers from across the globe will enlighten the participants on ways to incorporate sustainable ways. Large Scale Industries and MSMEs form the nucleus of the functioning world. Targeting these entities, will be like hitting the right chord. Small changes make a Huge difference. If these industries follow a simple routine of water recycling, rainwater harvesting, installing windmills and solar panels, and undertaking waste management practices, the world will be an ideal place to live on.

Conclave’s purpose

Understand the A-Z of Sustainability.

This conclave is a stepping-stone to Holistic Living through Sustainable Development.

Solutions and our role to mitigate Climate Challenges.

Future opportunities in Renewable Energies.

Setting up Sustainability Desks in Organisations

Incorporation of green measures in Building, Construction and Architecture.

Giving deeper insights into the Conclave, Miss Rujuta Jagtap, Chairperson, IACC Pune, 20-21, and Owner, SAJ Test Plant Pvt. Ltd., mentioned, “This conclave has taken inspiration from the oaths that were taken at the Gasglow Conclave, UNs’ various environmental programs, Swachh Bharat Mission, and others. To see the change in the world, we ought to be the change. And I am certain that ‘Aarambh #1‘ will stir a wind of change. It will inspire the Industries, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and other Individuals, to incorporate eco-friendly measures in their daily lives, helping businesses become Sustainable and also solve the environmental problems.”

Sharing his thoughts about the conclave, Mr. Anand Chordia, Founder of The Eco Factory Foundation, informed, “The topic of sustainability is still in its nascent stages in our country. But I have seen this situation change. People are taking the health of our planet seriously. On the same lines, Aarambh #1’s objectives are an endless list which is the highlight of the conclave. All these objectives can be met by making people aware, providing them with solutions, inspiring them to embrace sustainability, and incorporating the technology in the right way.”

Registration is free and mandatory, to join as attendee pls use this link: vc-expo.com/iacc.