I have had a very colourful life: Durjoy Datta


Among the league of young writers today, Durjoy Datta is a name that youngsters connect with the most. This engineer by profession has left his 9 to 5 job to pursue his passion for writing and is now writing for movies and serials.

How did writing books happen?

I have been reading and writing for a long time since childhood. Since I am a Bengali, I wasn’t allowed to go to bed without reading a book. My parents always forced me to read books. I had a blog for good three-four years, and it was then when people around me told me that why don’t I plan to write a book. So, I gave it a thought, as at that time publishers had just started publishing young authors, especially the ones who were in commercial fiction.So, I wrote my firs book Of course I Love you, gave it to the publishers and then forgot. But frankly speaking, I never thought it would actually work. But to my surprise, after two-three months, my book started appearing in the best sellers list. And seeing this, I gave my publishers a call to ask if it was a publicity gimmick or something. But he told me, it was legitimately a bestseller. And I was like ‘Wow”

But didn’t you face any objections from you parents, being so good in academics?

I was an engineer and was already working somewhere, when I first received my royalty cheque. Then, I wrote my second book and slowly writing books became my obsession and I quit my job. Quitting my job was easier for me, because I was very good in academics. I did my engineering, got a job and then became a writer. Also, they always knew that I have a backup plan. Frankly, I believe that every writer should have a backup plan, not only because it is a risky profession, but also because writers aren’t busy writing the whole day. They can easily do a 9 to 5 job and write along with it.

The love in your books is shown quie promisques and not eternal. Are you like that in real life too when it come to love?

It is true that love in my books is not eternal and depicts the love of youngsters today. And it is not at all a second hand experience that I am sharing. I have had a very colourful life and I continue to have it now too and share my personal experience in my books. I am a boy who is up for changes always in his life. That is how I am. I am a guy who is always falling in and out of love with the wrong people. I am 26 and I don’t think having such a colourful past, any girl would like to marry me also, though I crave for a settled life.

So who is at fault when it comes to breakup?

I am always at fault in my relationships. I am very restless and come to temptations a little to easily. I am very unlike a Bengali boy here since I have been brought up in Delhi. What else can you expect from a typical Delhi boy?

You have written for Sadda Haq and Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera. How did television happen?

The makers of Sadda Haq called me and told me that they were launching a new youth based show which was about students pursuing mechanical engineering. They knew my background that I too was an engineer and have written youth based novels. I was taken on board as a story and a screenplay writer. I was quite excited to write screenplays as it was something I always loved doing. People loved my work in the serial and soon I got a call for Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera. I have written the last month before the leap and I have took them to the leap.


What was the need for writing for TV, when your books were doing so well, considering it is a stressful job?

I didn’t do TV to add to my CV. Initially, I was not at all interested in writing for television as writing as churning out screenplays for a daily for a week is like writing two books in a month.It is really stressful. Also, having 10 people sitting on your head telling you this is not right, change it…was a bit too much for me. Writing for TV has actually taken a toll on my writing. My speed has become quite slow after writing for television shows as I had started questioning myself at so many levels. That people questioning my screenplay is now so much on my mind, that I actually question myself on the characters in my book. I think this change in me is for the good as now the end result will be quite good. One will see the difference in my writing in my next book.

Any Bollywood projects?

I have been asked to write a couple of screenplays of my own books by Subhash Ghai for his next movie. I narrated one of my books to him and he liked it immediately. I am now keeping my fingers crossed.