How to stay fit during the wedding party season


With the wedding season still on, there will be several parties for you to attend in the next couple of weeks. Apart from having fun and catching up with friends, attending parties also means eating unhealthy foods and consuming excessive alcohol. Here are a few things to remember during the party season and ways to get back in shape after this season is over.

What are the common health and nutritional problems seen among party-goers during the party season?
Dehydration – It is one of the most common problems faced by people who party frequently. So, replenishing the body’s water supply is a good idea.

Digestive complaints –Little water intake, over consumption of wrong foods and irregularity in having meals tend to have a huge impact on your digestive functions, leading to frequent complaints of acidity, bloating and constipation. Headache, water retention, dark circles and dryness of skin are also witnessed because of alcohol abuse, fatigue and lack of proper sleep.

What are the things people should avoid while partying?
To help you overcome the party evils and enjoy the season without putting on weight, you should keep these tips in mind: Avoid starving all day to enjoy good food at the party. Cut down on salt intake by avoiding processed and refined foods. Go low on fried snacks (opt for grilled or baked options), heavy dressings (mayonnaise, cream or white sauce) and rich desserts, try to have fresh fruits instead.

What should be done to de-stress and get back in shape after the party season?
Your body has a good ability to repair itself, when provided with the right tools – the best being a healthy diet. Ensure that you sleep for at least eight to ten hours a day and have light meals. Flush out the accumulated toxins by detoxifying your system with fresh vegetable juices, eating green vegetables and by consuming antioxidant-laden green tea.