CG Net Brings Referral Offer | Up to 1 Month of Free Internet For Both :Nepal News


CG Net Brings Referral Offer | Up to 1 Month of Free Internet For Both : Rashtra News

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CG Net has introduced a referral offer. Titled “Spread More, Get More”, the offer brings up to 1 month of free internet service for both the referrers and subscribers.

The offer is valid across the Kathmandu valley where it is expanding rapidly since its debut. Meanwhile, the referral offer is available on both 120 Mbps and 50 Mbps packages. Check out the details of CG Net’s Internet Price, Offers, and FUP.

CG Net’s Spread More, Get More” brings benefits to both the referrers and the subscribers who will be entitled to different packages on the basis of the subscriptions.

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About CG Net’s Referral Offer

If a customer refers or subscribes to a 3-month package, they will receive 10 days free internet to the both of them. Likewise, upon the 6-month package, both the referrer and the subscriber will get 20-day free internet service from CG Net.

The one-month free internet is available for those who refer or subscribe to a 12-month package. Meanwhile, customers who pay via CG Pay will earn 3% of cashback.

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SN CG Net’s Referal Subscription Benefits
1 3 month 10 days free internet
2 6 months 20 days of free internet
3 12 months 1 month of free internet
CG Net’s referral offer: Spread More, Get More

CG Net is following the path of leading ISPs with its own start of the referral offer. But, its unique scheme will include benefits to both the referrer and the subscriber.

The offer will give a much-needed lift to CG Net as it tries to stand up to the major ISPs amidst the #internetspeedwar in Nepal.

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What is your take on CG Net’s referral offer? Will its generous scheme lift its service as it nears blanket coverage in the valley? Do offer your inputs on it in our comments section below.

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