BJP may touch the majority mark in Delhi polls: Surveys


New Delhi: BJP seems to have gained in four pre-poll surveys with three of them projecting it may touch the majority mark in the 70-member Delhi Assembly.

While the India TV-C-Voter survey gives BJP 37 seats, it projects 28 seats for AAP and 5 for Congress in the polls.

The Week-IMBR survey gives BJP 36 seats and AAP 29 seats while only 4 seats to Congress.

Another pre-poll survey by Data Mineria, telecast by IBN-7, has also given BJP 36 seats and AAP 27 seats, with 7 to Congress.

A Zee-Taleem survey has projected 32 to 36 seats for BJP, 30 to 34 for AAP and 4 for Congress while News Nation channel has given BJP 30-35 seats, AAP 30-34 and Congress 3-5.

An internal survey by AAP claimed a clear majority for it giving itself 51 seats followed by 15 to BJP and four seats for Congress.