Arvind Kejriwal promises pucca houses for slum dwellers


Addressing a public meeting in Trilokpuri in East Delhi, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal said the party will simplify the procedure of transferring the ownership of plot if it comes to power.

“The land in the resettlement colonies is given on lease. If our government comes to power, those who are original lease holders will be given freehold rights of their properties by paying a meagre sum of Rs 10,000 and who are not original lease holders will be given freehold rights by paying a sum of Rs 50,000,” Kejriwal said.

Describing Congress as “anti-poor”, Kejriwal said, “Previous government had made this provision of awarding free hold rights by paying Rs 60,000 (original allottees) and Rs 12.5 lakh (non-original allottees), but I have proposed to slash this amount so that it could be affordable to you all.”

Kejriwal attacked BJP for ‘razing slums.’ “The BJP has demolished slums in Rangpuri, Wazirpur and many other places. The Prime Minister says that he will provide pucca houses to the slums. But until that time where will the people whose houses have been demolished reside?,” Kejriwal said.

“I reiterate once again that when our government comes to power, all the residents living in jhuggis will be given protection and they will be housed in pucca houses at the same place,” he added.