Art attack: Artists explore society’s over-dependence on mass media


If practically anything under the sun can inspire art, why should exhibitions remain stuck inside formal gallery spaces? With their ongoing show, called The Science Of Speed, four artists are taking their works beyond conventional spaces, to present their work at Famous Studios, a popular film studio in Mahalaxmi.

“Putting on an art exhibition within a film studio brings multiple references to the table. We are excited about escaping the white box of the standard museum or gallery space. The artists have integrated their work with the rather messy environment of the film studio, and enjoyed the opportunity for a wider engagement with materials and display strategies,” says Peter N, the owner of Nature Morte, the Delhi gallery that has brought the exhibition to Mumbai.

The title of the exhibition, The Science Of Speed, comes from the French philosopher Paul Virilio, and his concept of dromology (how society is structured via the mass media) which is something Virilio considers a form of modern warfare. According to him, the circulation of images and the speed at which they are circulated is what determines the nature of conflicts.

Based on this theme, the four artists- Asim Waqif, Aditya Pande, Rajorshri Ghosh and Vishal Da- are displaying their works.

“The exhibition is a portrayal of how a generation of artists is responding to changes in our media landscape,” informs Peter.

The exhibition started on November 6 and the gallery owners are hoping to garner the attention of both art enthusiasts and the general public for the show.

“We hope to engage both the art cognoscenti (ones who will appreciate the wide variety of techniques on view and the theoretical framework) and the general public (people who will experience art as a component of the entertainment landscape),” says Peter.