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Aero India 2015: Metal birds awe spectators with aerial aerobatics

First to hit the sky was a tiny Tiger Moth, the vintage aircraft that was once used as primary trainer aircraft for the Royal Air Force during World War II and was also the basic trainer aircraft in the IAF initially.

It was followed by India’s Light Combat Aircraft Tejas which pulled off some stunts.

Another Indian product that amazed all was the Light Combat Helicopter made by state-run HAL.

Its reverse flying, a feature uncommon for conventional helicopters, was much appreciated along with its manoeuvring skills.

Not to be left behind, the wing walkers from Sweden left everyone stunned as two girls did aerobatic feats on board a flying plane.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi could be seen following the stunts of many aircraft closely.

The Rafale, negotiations for which between French firm Dassault and the Indian Ministry of Defence have hit rough weather, also flew.

However, it was forced to delay its take off by a few minutes following bird activity. Many a times, for the audience, the birds looked too close to the planes for comfort.

India’s very own Indian aerobatics team ‘Sarang’ flown by young IAF helicopter pilots was the showstopper.

The IAF Sarang Helicopter Display Team has the unique distinction of being one of only two helicopter display teams in the world, the other being ‘Blue Eagles’ of the British Army.

The Sarang profile did its entry in an inverted wine glass formation. This was followed by various close formations in ‘Line Astern’ and ‘Diamond’ formation.

The event slated as one of the largest premium air shows in Asia, will see participation by over 600 firms including 295 Indian and 328 foreign, officials said.

The number of aircraft participating in static and air displays is around 70.

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