60% rise in GRE applicants from India

BENGALURU: Indian students aspiring to go abroad for studies seem to be increasing like never before. Students appearing for the Graduate Record Examination, whose score is widely accepted for admission to colleges in the United States, saw a whopping 60% jump in the past year. Engineering continues to be the most sought after subject for Indians taking the test.

The report, `Snapshots of the individuals who took the GRE revised general test’, released by ETS, the testing agency points to a huge jump in the number of Indians taking GRE even as the rest of the world shows only a marginal increase. China, a major competitor, has shown a 7% dip in number of students appearing for this exam.

In India, the number of candidates taking the exam was around 30,000 in 2011-12. The number rose to 53,505 the next year and touched 84,841 by 2013-14. The number of students vying for it tripled in two years. Physical sciences is second in demand. This includes subjects like Chemistry, Computer Science and Information, Physics and Astronomy, Mathematical Sciences and Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Business also saw a huge increase. Around 10,000 students said they hadn’t yet decided on the subject.

The US continues to be the major study destination. However, Canada and Europe are increasingly becoming popular. The percentage of women taking the test dipped marginally compared to the past two years. According to a new report released by the US immigration and customs enforcement of the department of homeland security, the total number of Indian students studying in the US shot up 28% to 1,34,292. India has the second-largest foreign student body in the US after China.